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About EHR Support

This innovation is an electronic help desk and data collection tool designed to assist Regional Extension Centers (REC) and users of electronic health records to identify patient safety and usability issues in electronic health records. This tool also enables the user to report features of electronic health records that they feel are best practices. Collection of this data will provide an opportunity to facilitate patient safety and quality improvement as we adopt, implement and use electronic health records.

Patient Safety

We have partnered with PDR to provide our end-users an opportunity to report their EHR related patient safety events to a Patient Safety Organization (PSO). Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) are organizations that seek to improve the quality and safety of health care delivery. Data is entered into a protected database and is used for research to find where the weak point our in our health care delivery. The PDR Network is an accredited PSO and is the leading distributor of drug labeling information, product safety Alerts, and REMS programs. A few of these programs include the Physicians' Desk Reference® (PDR®), the most trusted and commonly used drug information reference,®, mobilePDR®, and the Health Care Notification Network (HCNN), the only service providing electronic delivery of mandated safety Alerts to physicians and other prescribers.

EHR Issue

This portal provides the user with two unique opportunities:

  1. Identify and report EHR usability issues
  2. Serves as an electronic help desk for Regional Extension Centers

The reporting and identification of usability issues will provide data with which we can improve the design of EHRs. As an electronic help desk the tool the end-user of the EHR can electronically submit “tickets” that go to a REC representative for intervention. The EHR Issue tool has been designed and is managed by the CentrEast REC. CentrEast REC is a service within The Texas A&M Health Science Center Rural and Community Health Institute (TAMHSC-RCHI). RCHI serves as a health extension service offering point of care support services to rural communities across the great state of Texas.

Best Practice

The Best Practice portal provides the opportunity for the end-user to report features they feel contribute to significant improvement in the cost, quality and safety of EHRs. This portal is also managed by the CentrEast REC.

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